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3:57 p.m. x 2009-04-08

currently listening to: "mississipi queen" by mountain

i've had a rotten cold for the past couple of days, which my body was fighting for almost a month prior. my lips had dried up and i've been more prone to exhaustion than usual. after a month of that, my body gave in and let itself be balls-out sick. yesterday i couldn't go a minute without the aid of a tissue and i woke up three times last night in order to breathe. it's not great, and there are a great many things i prefer to being sick, but considering how i avoid it otherwise and have been spared debilitating illnesses of practically all kinds, the odd cold is just fine by me.

easter's this weekend and my mom bought me "city lights", which is amazing. i'm so happy to have a chaplin movie to travel with me from now on. i can't wait to see "monsieur verdoux".

AND i can absolutely stay here for may! because i got a job! for both this may and next year! i'm so happy! it pays just circa minimum wage, which, frankly, is excellent. as long as i'm contributing and doing something. i don't know what i'll be doing yet, necessarily, but i'm confident it will be wonderful. i'm so excited!

edit: i seem to have omitted the very important fact of my being gifted a peach turnover today. after bryan, tom and i had our post-romantic lit summit, i stopped at the cafe to grab some napkins when a peach turnover was bestowed upon me. mmm, hallelujah.

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