10:24 a.m. x 2009-04-22

currently listening to: "the blacklist" by legendary pink dots

messed up severely and not-so-severely on two fairly important things (housing arrangement and modern & contemporary fiction paper). fell asleep last night at six in the evening. needed it. woke up at eight and tried to get housing sorted out THE WAY I WAS TOLD TO GET IT SORTED OUT and that was not the way. submitted form. hope i can still do it. the woman i spoke to acted like it wasn't too late but she was also snippy and condescending but still wanted to sit and chat with me after i was all ready breaking into a panic and scrambling for the nearest computer.

up-side: i did not have to pull an all-nighter the other night because i liked what i had written enough to present just that in order to show i'm making progress. read it for essay and professor ADORED IT. in addition to my not-very-great grade (still not bad, though) in M&C, i also got an A on a presentation in there. so i have two As, a B and a C(+). if i get an A on the final, which is extremely probable because the B on the midterm was the result of a mix-up that i'll be aware of this time, i can just get an A in the class (91). i'll at least get a high B anyway, which was what i was shooting for. so it's all cool.

i saw "valerie and her week of wonders" the other night. can't get over how gorgeous it is. or how the demon/villain's name is "richard".

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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