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9:04 p.m. x 2009-05-05

currently listening to: "teardrop" by massive attack

got an enthusiastic email from the poetry professor with whom i have a job in the fall and he wants to start working with me in may! absolutely outstanding!

i am taking the rejection from the library as a sign that i should complete this draft of my novel before the fall and dedicate all my free time to it. that is what i've been doing so far this summer and it has yielded very fulfilling results.

so has the hotel new hampshire. i LOVE IT. i don't know how much i would enjoy what else john irving has done but i'd like to check it out. i was happy to see he studied with kurt vonnegut in college. it shows.

22 tomorrow. i'm getting baja rosa, peanut butter pie and "let the right one in". amber, kara, akasha and elisa and i. jimmy? i don't know if he'll come. i'm going to see him tonight, anyway. i feel better today. i cried last night until six. today i woke up so angry i couldn't even articulate words. so i thought it would be a good time to head out and job hunt.

my sister is really adverse to job hunting and i regret going today. although i did apply somewhere that struck me as promising-ish. i hope. i sincerely hope.

on thursday, i am going to see lexi and potentially "star trek". if not i'm seeing "star trek" friday. then a "nueve de mayo" party at kara's on saturday. then back to school! my friends' graduation! work with poetry professor! jazz! novel-writing! red wine! the slow descent into alcoholism!

and statistics. it would not be to my advantage to forget that.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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