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12:00 a.m. x 2009-05-09

currently listening to: "yemaya" by queen adreena

enjoying "don't deliver us from evil" into oblivion. unearthed my intro to creative writing notes. weirdly, have yet to find my fiction I notes. i have a feeling i know where they are, and it is under a lot of stuff i'd hoped to avoid touching before going back to school. serves me right for living in filth. to may term, i will bring a militia of swiffers.

i have not yet mentioned some SPECTACULAR NEWS: i have been entrusted to sign off on akasha's graduation project hours and mentor her through the creation of her own writing portfolio! how badass! so i am giving that some extreme thought, before i have to go and do extreme statistics (and - note to self - buy my own calculator). i am so excited to do this, and am endeavoring to get kashgar a 100% (i got a 100%, it isn't unfathomable, but this is the kind of project that high school is incredibly prickly about, and my project was a cakewalk).

i'm going to get on that. it's so wonderful! i'm so happy (honestly, and completely un-ironically, i am so peaceful with optimism right now)!

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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