lady lazarus

12:02 p.m. x 2009-05-13

currently listening to: "freak out" by my brightest diamond

i couldn't get into the computer lab to do my SSPS homework. my first job-meeting with the poetry professor and i will try again after that. in the meantime i have been tinkering with javascript and reading our lady of the flowers and it's like it is every time. every time i fall so far and deep in love with it and then abruptly stop, afraid of the effect diminishing. this time i'm going to finish it.

yesterday i went to the bookstore and read let the right one in the whole way through. it was good but i believe the material works better as a film. speaking of which, mine has the defective subtitles. i didn't realize that that hadn't been corrected yet. blast.

it's freezing in here. i was absolutely anticipating sweating so much i'd turn into a rain cloud. but it is very cold in here and i can't sleep because of it. i have not slept a full night yet. i wake up every hour shivering and completely unable to go back to sleep.

emailed akasha her "syllabus". hope to get that project rolling steadily so it does not amass upon either of us suddenly before i go back in the fall.

made a new friend. through an arranged friendship. mark is bryan's best school-friend and he was in london this past semester with gretchen, my best school-friend. he and gretchen became good friends and bryan and i became good friends. so now it is our turn to be good friends. he has not yet seen "star trek" so i might put forth the befitting we're-friends-now effort and suggest we go. maybe friday.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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