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1:57 p.m. x 2009-05-14

currently listening to: "i got no - i got life" by nina simone

after an exceptionally calm and extremely good day, i had a dream where i was crying and doing all of the things i have been dedicating myself to avoiding. interesting choice, subconscious.

i met with the poetry professor yesterday. we had a brilliant time stamping and stuffing envelopes, admiring the graphic design of the journal's current cover, and engaging in stimulating discussion about his experiences right out of grad school and my family, which infinitely fascinated him. he is a marvelously involved listener. and his office is one of the most impressive small spaces that i (connoisseur of small spaces that i am) have ever had the pleasure of being in. he taught me how to definitely, correctly pronounce "djuna barnes" and "anna akhmatova". he has a book by james merrill i think i will ask to borrow.

for the month, we're only going to meet on the basis of necessity since there is not much to do until the fall, but when he needs me he'll let me know. and i'm going to see him perform at the end of the month. he is a great allie.

today, at some time, i should be seeing my friend mel, who is residing in town now and who is a spectacular person. and plans are being implemented for "star trek"/a ride to bryan's on sunday in order to celebrate his graduation. i realize i did not make it to tom's graduation party and so i'm going to prepare something for both of them to remember me by. although tom all ready has a picture i drew of bryan and i trying to hug him as he flails, pupils pinned in panic, screaming "NO".

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