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8:51 p.m. x 2009-06-08

currently listening to: "lion's mane" by iron & wine

i can't possibly archive properly all the tremendous things that have transpired between mark and i. his mother took me home with him on friday and i just got back to my house. we went to their lakefront property and paddleboated - which i'd never done! and want to do again as soon as possible, making out on the water was stupendous - and we tried to build a fire and it was riotously difficult. but prior to that we had stopped at a restaurant owned by his aunt and she and her daughters - his cousins - ran out to see me! they knew who i was! it was such an incredible feeling!

we watched "cannibal! the musical", "eyes wide shut" and "strangers on a train" together and took a long walk around binghamton, which is an absolutely breathtaking place! i can't wait to visit again! he took me to a carousel (of which, he tells me, there are many) and this morning before i got on the bus we went for coffee. and hours and hours, we spent talking. about film and literature and writing and the rest of the summer. i am so fascinated by him. i admire him so much! he's such a beautiful, talented person!

i'm going to finish watching "the world according to garp", which he wants to talk to me about tonight (john lithgow!), and then take a bath and listen to his cd! i'm so excited to start corresponding with him! and to see him again! i love it! being in love with him is AMAZING!

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