10:38 a.m. x 2009-06-14

currently listening to: "fallen from the sky" by glen hansard

i spent the night at my mom's apartment last night. the mattress was a very pleasant surprise (the quality!). we went over there because i was crying and acting completely erratic all day. i couldn't even make statements. today's father's day and my dad doesn't even want to be around me. i was completely fixed on the idea that i wasn't going to get my period and i couldn't afford an abortion and couldn't call mark to explain that to him because he was at his lake house.

as i was talking to my mother about this, she fell flat asleep. snoring. the whole shebang. i started sobbing torrentially and she assured me that i would get my period that night because of how dramatic i was being.

and...geez, this always happens (thank christ).

i got it RIGHT AFTER mark called me to say goodnight and alert me of the fact that he's buying me a ticket to come see him. today! hopefully for tomorrow!

i don't want to seem sycophantic or anything, but i do want to exploit my free time before becoming committed to a job.

(i never did mention how i passed statistics. MATH: OUT OF MY LIFE FOREVER.)

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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