well, anybody can be just like me, obviously, but then, now again, not too many can be like you, fortunately.

11:43 p.m. x 2009-06-23

currently listening to: "you're gonna make me lonesome when you go" by bob dylan

that last entry i wrote? on sunday? mark bought me a ticket THAT DAY. i just got back. we spent a week together and it was spectacular! walking around and watching movies! "twilight zone" episodes! reading poetry to each other (me: rilke, he: simic)! having picnics! hanging out with his BEAUTIFUL DOG moe (a cairn terrier)! FISHING! we fished and i caught three perch and a blue gill! we made love every day and talked about writing! i'm sending him some of my stuff right now!


i'm so grateful for him. he called me just now to make sure i made it home all right. that is such a great thing. i'm feeling a little anxious because of how not-that-great things are around here, BUT my ebay endeavors are working out! i made quite a bit of money while i was out. this coming weekend i'm endeavoring to go to see my aunt so i can participate in a yard sale with her and spend a little much-needed time with her. now i'm going to bathe/read one of the many gorgeous books mark loaned me/begin to upend my room and find more wares to sell.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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anybody can be just like me, obviously.
not too many can be like you, fortunately.
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