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10:39 p.m. x 2009-07-01

currently listening to: "the youngest apple" by umbrella tree

made some more money, bought myself coffee and a book for mark, since he has something for me and even if he didn't, i really wanted to get this particular book for him. the monster loves his labyrinth by charles simic, his favorite poet. it's a selection of writing from his notebooks, and it astounds me. mark's really getting into brevity (punchy, eloquent, poetry brevity, not minimalism - his ardent disdain for hemingway tickles me).

now that i can see all (almost all) the books on my bookshelf (i have a tremendous lot of them downstairs) i feel a lot better. my taste in literature is changing (to literature, that is, and sharply away from the exclusivity of biographies and psych texts) and to acknowledge and respect that as opposed to my dogged packrattery is the kind of act of self love and respect i need to be executing right now.

poetry professor emailed me back. i'd sent him an email reporting to him on my success with statistics, gratitude for the job i have with him in the fall, and faint suggestions of desperation and suicidal mindset. his response was warm, hilarious, and very encouraging. and he's on vacation - i'm very touched by the gesture.

my mom just said good night to me by calling her a bitch for not giving her my ihome. there are other ways to get cast-off electronics out of me. better ways.

the girl at the book store smiled at me when i brought the simic book to the checkout and said "i've missed you" and told me what she's been doing for the past few days. very sincerely. it was sweet and wonderful.

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