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12:27 a.m. x 2009-07-05

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malingering on etsy. i shouldn't be indulging in this behavior. i have identified one frivolous purchase i intend to make post-visit and i don't want any more clawing at my weak, weak resolve.

i am getting rid of what looks like a quarter of my closet but what feels like half. and i am endeavoring perhaps to make an etsy of my own in order to unload it, since they are, by and large, very nice items that either no longer fit me because i am shaped considerably different (i can now get the size ten grey cords gifted to me by clare all the way on - i can't zip them, but i used to not even be able to get them past my thighs - i am ecstatic for this accomplishment alone, i was so big and so unhealthy for so long) or because i would simply like to stop dressing like a child.

i used to dress really matronly because i was so big and liked to wear dresses, and big dresses really tend to affect one with the matronly look no matter what one's after. then when i began to lose weight i started dressing like someone my age. now it's been a while, and not only am i the smallest i've been yet, i am also, predictably, older, and ready to graduate and pursue some professional aspirations, and i'm having trouble enough as it is taking myself seriously when i have no concievable reason to change out of my pajamas in the morning. i hate that. i have an innate loathing of not appearing to give SOME consideration to my appearance, even if it's simply putting on eyeliner and a skirt, which is the bare minimum of "dressing up" for me. and i haven't even been doing that in the past year because i've been getting so weird about my relationship with my body. it's time to abandon all that tripe.

i want to get up in the morning and curl my hair again. i always felt good when i did that, all throughout high school. just to take care of myself and not disregard myself. i don't know what i ever thought i'd get out of that kick. to be less neurotic about my appearance by neglecting it entirely. that's nurture speaking, loud and clear. despicable.

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