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7:49 p.m. x 2009-07-25

currently listening to: "typewriter girl" by vermillion lies

1. i woke up today and watched "the last mistress" and was completely and immediately enthralled. i had heard extremely mixed reviews but i thought it was GORGEOUS. i need to record it, because it stunned me and seems to be available nowhere.

2. mark's writing me a letter! he sent me a wonderful email on how i challenge him, and my ambition inspires him and keeps his morale up. it is really good and important to hear that from him. and that his parents are giving him chores and an allowance! ANYTHING right now!

3. let's see how this mending fences thing goes. melody and i are still having our conversation from yesterday. i got another message about talking to someone i haven't spoken to in a while. i really don't know how it'll go - positive, i hope. but this will be a good thing. closure.

4. SHARPIE NO-BLEED FINE TIP PENS. SHARPIE NO-BLEED FINE TIP PENS. THEY ROCK. with these i can complete mark's handmade book. incredible discovery!

5. my mom and i had a very stimulating discussion on the economic crisis with a janitor at starbuck's.

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