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12:40 p.m. x 2009-07-29

currently listening to: "i'll fly away" by alison krauss & gillian welch

i was nailed to the bed with a headache last night, watching episodes of "evangelion," quietly rejoicing the fact that one of my poems was accepted by one of the literary journals to which i submitted some work! now the fury wiggling between my lobes has calmed itself, i made my favorite hummus to date, woke up before noon, and i am very happy.

tentative celebrating with my mom tonight. until then i'm going to finish something wicked this way comes and make up a reading list to adhere to strictly - mark's loaned me a ton of books, which i'd like to return to him in a timely manner, thus those take precident over mine, which aren't going anywhere. as badly as i'd like to tear into that massive anna akhmatova compendium. or to reread ada again. i am going to have to figure out what my influences are and how they manifest in my work for the form & theory class in the spring. writing has been such a self-motivated venture and fueled for me a great deal by my not being able to find what i'd like to read as written by anyone else, and only very very recently has reading and writing been even remotely unified for me. which is not to say i am impervious to influence, but i do have to think about it. dennis cooper, nabokov, anais nin, psych memoirs, family chronicles, magic and compulsions are things i'm considering.

i can still feel the ghost of this headache rattling around. spooky.

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