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10:14 p.m. x 2009-07-30

currently listening to: "spun" by babes in toyland

amanda picked me up early today. we went to the post office in town (which she uses, but i use the one in the village down the street), and i discovered that it is located across from the mysterious chimney sweep service i saw on the temp agency website.

we went to wegmans and she went vegan-shopping and got tons of stuff that excited her silly - and naan! garlic naan, which isn't vegan, but we made it on the stove with my hummus concoction and diced red peppers and watched "drop dead diva" (she is the only person i would ever watch middle-of-the-day-tv with, let alone lifetime programming). we had buckwheat soba stir fry with the remainder of the pepper and garlic couscous for dinner, along with champagne and chambord. i bought the liquor since she bought the dinner. it was twenty dollars and somehow i am only out ten now. where did this money mysteriously come from (she gave me four dollars, but only four)?

before she dropped me off she gave me a homemade wineberry coffee cake. i windex'd the wine bottle label-less so i could keep flowers in it, and lo - we picked up her friend james on the way and he had picked flowers for us!

mark called me while i was there and i sat in amanda's abandoned "sitting room," which is a very attractive place, and missed him worse than usual.

a beautiful day. this is what i love. lexi wants to see me within the week. i need to have another meeting with akasha. i want summer to dissipate into a radiant shimmering of their torsos colliding with mine. i love my friends.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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