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11:04 p.m. x 2009-08-15

currently listening to: "deep song" by babes in toyland

i saw amber y off today - she is leaving for japan in a few days! it is wonderful to know what high regard she holds me in, we were close in high school but now we talk rarely. but when we do, we know we can just plunge back into where we left off. i was one of the people she really wanted to see before she left. i'm so glad. her friend laura told me a story that made amber and i cry, about going to vienna. she's a beautiful girl - that very specific, special emotive-beautiful, not frozen statuesqueness but moving beauty, and she kept rubbing my arm the entire time telling me i am so gorgeous. she and amber are both artists - painting and photography - and we had an incredible discussion about aesthetics and craftsmanship, art in europe vs. art in the US and our old art teacher (AGH).

and last night, lexi and amanda and akasha! for the first time in YEARS! we all got together and spent the night. lexi and akasha were happy and amazing. i made couscous for everyone. it was perfect harmony. we watched the entirety of "frisky dingo" season one. amanda was transfixed (she did a reverse french braid with my hair, which was breathtaking - no one has ever played with my hair at a sleepover before). i went to bed happier than i have been since being in binghamton.

also: i now know how to make origami cranes. not as nobly as gretchen, but finally! i never knew how to do that before.

i read pieces of roland barthes' the pleasure of the text last night. i am so sick of wanting things.

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