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11:01 a.m. x 2009-09-03

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today was the second day of workshop. last night gretchen and i sat curled up in a bench in our pajamas in the cold until one trying to figure out why we both felt so disrupted by workshop on tuesday. i wrote half a story. i'm going to finish it before class on tuesday, which is the first day my group presents (we are in groups of three/four now due to the size of the class and only get to present twice, so i'm going to be as prepared as possible to get all the criticism i can on the days i present).

i got a lot of staggering opportunities last year/this year, and i'm extremely grateful. but because gretchen went to london, which was a fabulous experience that she badly needed, she missed the opportunity to do a lot this year, her senior year, because she could not arrange for it last year. she lost an internship she was relying on. but, yesterday, one of our professors - the brilliant woman with whom i took romantic lit last spring - has taken her on as a TA and is utilizing her in the compilation of an anthology of female writers of the romantic period. AND GRETCHEN'S NAME IS APPEARING ON THE COVER. of a published book, which she's assisting in editing, alongside this very eminent, well-recognized, amazing professor. i am so fucking ecstatic for her! she deserves this so inexpressably much!

i have heard from small press guy now, but not yet from the poetry professor, whose schedule hinges on mine and thus what i'm able to tell small press guy about my availability. hopefully that gets sorted out within the week so i know what gears to be in with regards to biology. i can find infinite ways to accomplish what i need to accomplish in workshop, the novel and american lit (to a lesser degree), but for biology i need time and energy. i have the lab today. the professor is very friendly to me, and it is a large class so that he has interacted with me so much is impressive. he had me do a formal presentation in class yesterday on the student literary journal - what it is, where it can be purchased, how and when to apply, why it's important. it was so amazing of him to care to do that.

mark called me last night right before he went to bed to tell me he downloaded "brewster mccloud" and it is one of his favorite films ever now. there is no greater thing he could have said to me in that moment. i love being in a relationship with him so much!

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