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11:36 a.m. x 2009-09-08

currently listening to: "szerencsétlen" by venetian snares

first workshopping workshop today and i got an unexpected amount of praise and very valid, helpful criticism. almost completely from the professor. no one else spoke up (one girl asked if, when i said saturn, i meant the planet or the car). on the one hand i am glad that he can simmer off the facade of annoyed grizzly in order to wink in some very positive feedback as well as remaining stern about what i am most certainly not doing right, on the other hand - i miss my classmates too. that'll wear off. they'll start yelling pretty soon.

after lunch i have meetings with poetry professor and small press man! going after cacciato's beautiful! mark is coming to visit next month!

both mary and gretchen took time yesterday to tell me very specifically what an amazing job i'm doing just so far. mary soliloquey'd about how inspired she is by my work ethic and gretchen gifted me a small tirade on how diligently i work at the english society and how i deserve to be president. status is not my concern, but being recognized for my input is, and that meant a lot. what mary said really touched me. yesterday and the day before were pretty horrific. i am feeling much better. and ever on the verge of passing out. sleep after dinner. yes. yes.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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