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10:58 a.m. x 2009-09-14

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1. kicked off genuine discussion in the novel. praise for the writing of my provoke-questions-about-the-text paper for cacciato. back on top of shit AND feeling less subhuman. nearly feeling real-human. almost. almost. we tossed out seventh book suggestions and after a hale of jane austen (non) and sylvia plath (oui), my buddy bill suggested the master and margarita, which i would LOVE TO READ. after hearing of the large talking cat, the professor nearly said yes. but, ultimately, we were sent off with the task of coming up with a book by a female author, written very lately, which has been adapted for the screen.

gretchen, bill and i roundly nominated scott to suggest twilight on wednesday (i can think of others - piano teacher, perhaps). i think the professor wants to deal with it but doesn't want to ask directly. as much as i want to talk about good books, that would be too incredible an experience to pass up. he read the da vinci code one year for the class, which he mentioned today, regarding how important it is for we who want to write for a living to comprehend why shit sells. also, he has such a predilection for reading aloud. i want to hear him talk about edward.

2. reading anna karenina, secrets of the flesh: a life of colette, the louise brooks biography, sylvia plath's journals, gentlemen prefer blondes by anita loos and aliya's cigarette burns (YES!) concurrently. along with text for the novel (2/3rds done with caciatto), fiction (four stories into pushcart XXXIII anthology) and american lit (i still have to read the latter half of "leaves of grass" before class starts, noooooo).

FUN YES BUT I NEED TO DO OTHER THINGS (like call aliya whom i miss bitterly). writing notwithstanding. i am going to get my bathing suit when i go home and i think i will take up swimming again. i badly need an activity to clear my head and walking doesn't do it as thoroughly as i need it to right now. swimming will. i miss it badly.

3. GEEK LOVE. that just came to me. i don't care that it's never made it to screen. i'm going to lobby for that. i want my friends to read it. i want everyone to read it.

4. dear self, must accomplish: trip to careers center (tomorrow), forms for job (today), english society officers meeting tonight at eight. can't forget. called the meeting myself, so how embarrassing would that be -

5. mark was negotiating his schedule in his head, trying to determine when we can talk from now on (he works nights, beginning at eleven - he can call right after waking up, when i'm about to go to bed, or after getting off work, which is right around when i get out of class) and he said sometime when he doesn't work on a friday, he can b-line straight up here, sleep while i'm in class, and be ready just to see me for the rest of the time i'm awake. just to see me. i miss him. he is excelling, so far, at the distance debacle.

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