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10:22 a.m. x 2009-09-21

currently listening to: "the outsider" by a perfect circle

1. writing on diaryland in the library with people passing around me constantly can be embarrassing. people do require these for work, but i'm trying to only come in once every few days to spend time with the internet.

2. on the subject, i'm fixing that matter in a few weeks. i may have internet on my laptop again! and working antivirus! computer-literate friends are beautiful things.

3. i believe i obliterated that biology test and not vice-versa. i believe. afterwards, the professor gave me a cup of grapes and some green tea, which is a good sign, i think.

4. i need to read jack london and go to bed right after american lit, because i got two hours of sleep last night and i am certain that is contributing to my state of mind, which is very negative and very warped.

5. i cannot wait to see "dogtooth". and "the white ribbon". i miss film.

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