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6:49 p.m. x 2009-12-04

currently listening to: "trapeze swinger" by iron & wine

not having spent much money at all in the past year, i don't know what to do. i have a lot of money myself and my parents are buying me christmas gifts - a great deal of them.

i still need a few new pairs of shoes. i feel weird buying shoes. it's an indulgence towards which i've maintained a weariness that is disproportionate to what i understand it to say about me: i need shoes that aren't falling apart - i understand that about all other apparel, but shoes i never feel the "NEED" to buy. and yet i have tons of them. which makes me feel like some secret, stereotypical me is out there buying shoes when i'm trying to be practical. and yet another crazy fugue-state me is walking to anchorage and back, wrecking them all immediately.

i don't think it's an unreasonable thing to like shoes, to enjoy shopping for them - when it comes to others. i need to get over that. i'm going to purchase me some knockouts.

where the fuck did december come from?! i am all the more shocked that, not only did i not realize it was december until now, but i am completely and totally on top of shit, not significantly behind on either academic matters or my personal agenda. booya.

i have a tiny bit of retooling on my short story, which i read on tuesday. we've never had readings before - it's about time. other than that i have a paper. ten pages by friday. can do. well, must. with working DVD player.

i had a meeting with my new boss - the director of the academic resource center - yesterday. she briefed me and we talked about ethics, how to go about aiding someone in understanding that they know what they want to say, they just need help figuring out how to say it, but doing so without telling them what to say - and because of this, she decided not to subject me to training. i just get to start! next semester, that is. i have to tell my professor - tell him - that i must visit his intro class and alert them of my services with a small presentation.

meanwhile - duff was totally not up here on thanksgiving. he was getting arrested. LOVE IT. poor guy. he's fine now. it was some zany duff-scuffle. thanksgiving break was so good. tweak. clare-txts. kara. amanda. akasha. LEXI everywhere! KEN! even a little jimmy. all things i need.

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