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10:40 a.m. x 2009-12-09

currently listening to: "two birds" by regina spektor

paper for the novel pushed benevolently back to the day of the final. some people cried in class hearing that. spirits are cheese-cloth this week. gretchen flew into bits last night. i am going to sleep after american lit and waking up for salmon. there is SALMON in the cafeteria tonight!

i got my first "you're in charge" email forwarded to me from the poetry professor regarding who i should tap for poetry editors on the literary journal. i'm going to touch them soon about it, over winter. a nice warm email about how i want to work cohesively and make this fun and functional with productive, well-planned meetings and maybe food. when schedules get batshit, i want it to not seem like work but a moment they can take to come and sit and know something will get done.

things kick up dust when it comes to the editing - selecting submissions is pretty smooth. notifying authors is a joy. arranging them - all fine. then the painstaking aural edits, the rigorous proofreading. that is real work and it is later in the game, and i would like a proof from every member of the staff. i want everyone to participate in the aural edit. everything cleaned up last year so tidily and quick because bryan and i did everything but it would have been much easier to have everybody do a little bit. i am so excited - i love this so much. this was so amazing last year. i can't wait!

assuming the fictioneers will be chosen amongst those in the workshops (and not from intro), i think gretchen and mel will be the candidates for fiction editors, if we're doing two fiction/two poetry like last year, which worked out very harmoniously. in years past they've had gargantuan staffs but i don't want a ton of schedules to be bouncing in the air. and this is provided gretchen and mel want to do it. i hope so.

today: extensive nappery. EX-TEN-SIVE.

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