i'm done with sergio, he treats me like a ragdoll

2:18 p.m. x 2009-12-11

currently listening to: "jane says" by jane's addiction

things to get while home: WARMER COATS. PERIOD. it is freezing to the extent that it affects on a psychological level. i could not get out of bed yesterday because of the weather. i physically could not make myself. it is BITTER.

the director of career services around here asked me to meet with a girl who is considering majoring in creative writing. i will miss that more than anything when i leave: i will miss being of service. whenever i get this girl's name i'm going to ask her out to lunch. she's taking intro in the spring, too, so i will be able to work with her. i can't believe i've made circa $50 tutoring all ready!

i got an "A-" and a "this is one of the best papers i've ever read" from my dense enigma of an american lit professor. it would just break his heart to give an "A." meanwhile, "A" in workshop! AND I THINK THAT EVERYONE MAY HAVE GOTTEN AN "A" IN WORKSHOP, which is hysterical - some people are a little miffed but really everybody did pick up and work. he grades to individual bests. so while gretchen and i have improved upon our previously established personal bests, so have the others even if they are not us. scott got an A- and he did not know what to do (he had gotten a D on a story last year, which is allegedly impossible - the professor has tried to get him to drop so many times and he hasn't, so i think it was for perserverence - love it).

i still have five-ish pages and a lot of sense-making to do on my paper for the novel, which i intend to do tonight. with films. first i would like to get to the bookstore and mull over the purchase of a few things with the money i have, but i am still a little scared to spend any more of it. i probably won't be able to do anything when i get home if i'm frivolous now.

i am keeping stress in my shoulders. that has never happened to me before. what an awful feeling.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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