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7:39 p.m. x 2009-12-24

currently listening to: "the pink room" by angelo badalamenti

it's been a long time since i sat in a freezing car with my best friends and we talked about shit til somebody cried. everyone who smokes smoked. everyone screamed laughing. we spent a long enough time in our favorite diner to draw uneasy stares. akasha dropped her phone between the cushions of the booth and i fished it out. she, lexi and amanda removed the cushions and i dove in. people drop EVERYTHING down there. i wonder if they wonder where all the silverware goes!

akasha also bought me an incredible PLUSH SUSHI. the kind with the fish eggs. amanda named it nori. lexi showed me the gift she made her boyfriend's mom - it's called christmas mouse, and it's remarkable. there is a sheetz down the street now that went up in a matter of hours in november. i finally got to go inside. there is a whole seperate room for packs of soda and my favorite kind of naked beverage (mango) in the big size.

i indeed weedled break every rule and read it and adore it and can't wait now for AVA. i also went to get my haircut and the girl was younger than i, pregnant and terminally short with me for walking in on what i guess was a hell of a conversation about the steelers. she did not do anything i asked. she combed my hair and trimmed the ends and cut my bangs super blunt. i went yesterday to another establishment and the woman who cut my hair was embarrassed that it had been allegedly touched by a professional and looked like that. it was graphic. she fixed it. it's great! then i went to get cobbled. i'd never been to the cobbler's - my mom takes my shoes there all the time because i hate throwing anything out if i can fix it - and it was amazing: tiny, cramped shop full of FIGURINES OF CLOWNS. and clown shoes - real ones. my mom thought he was foreign, but as it turns out, his family has been cobbling in the susquehanna valley for three generations. he's pretty excited to work on my boots, and i'm supposed to have them back next week!

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