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10:20 p.m. x 2009-12-26

currently listening to: "astronaut" by amanda palmer

almost done with valerie and her week of wonders - precious business. finished break every rule, which fucking rocked. the helene cixous book is so overwhelmingly beautiful i can't read it without a pen handy. great granny webster next, i think. i don't know. TOO MUCH!

i am watching "gosford park," which i am so amazed by still. even after the mark business. "the thin man"'s packaging is STAGGERING in person (the pictures say nothing of its lustre). "brand upon the brain!" is one of my new favorite films. i will probably watch the documentary that comes with it tonight. i thought i would love guy maddin; i'm so glad i do. "last year at marienbad," "the discreet charm of the bourgeoise" and "nightwatching" are still to be viewed. everything is amazing.

my aunt came out today! for too little a time. she really loved what i got her, which meant a lot to me, and she got me a badass poetry anthology. we went to a restaurant in gettysburg and had ridiculous sweet bread (leelee, if you happen to be reading - i think this is a recipie). i got toasted on hard cider to an embarrassing extent. it was really wonderful to be in gettysburg and i really want to go and spend some time there. i am considering heading that way for

i forgot the other night to mention that my mom, sister and i went to my neighbor's. they divorced and the father no longer lives there, but he was there to see his son (also a bum) and (very awesome film major) daughter for christmas. while his ex wife was making crab toast and filling glasses and being the excellent presence she always is, he was going on - deranged - about having a account and looking for someone who doesn't "make [him] mad" like she does. it was surreal. he was going on and on and being so outrageously rude and hilarious because he has no degrees, no credentials, no job, obviously not much of a sense of decency - all of which he highlighted in his monologue - and my sister started laughing. she couldn't contain it. so she pointed at his daughter like she'd done something funny, and she started laughing. it was great. he left, his ex wife got deservedly trashed, and we watched her daughter's first student film.

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