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11:58 a.m. x 2009-12-30

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that is what i'm considering naming my new cat - tequila sunrise eliot. my mom suggested it. the forthcoming cat is part of my graduation present, to be recieved at the end of the semester. a cat, a trip to new york to take a workshop, and funding to head to a writer's conference of my choice. my parents are both really upbeat about helping me frantically job search. i think what they've wanted all along is for me to just finally get out of college. i don't blame them. also - driving lessons on the horizon! at last!

books for this semester include:

horace's satires and epistles
homer's iliad
aristophanes' lysistrata
homer's odyssey
aeschylus' oresteia
juvenal's satires
three plays of euripides

grendel by john gardner
on moral fiction by john gardner
if on a winter's night a traveller by italo calvino
the uses of literature by italo calvino
mystery and manners by flannery o'connor
the writing life by annie dillard
poetics by aristotle
(it was only a matter of time before grendel reared its head - john gardner was my professor's professor. i have never read any fiction by the man.)

and a book called theory into practice for advanced criticism and the norton anthology of drama for intro to theatre. exciting stuff. i begrudgingly wish to not spend too much time on flannery o'connor. i can't make myself enjoy her.

i had to stop exercising early today because an injury incurred to my ankle made even walking suck. so i have a lot of energy whirred up from the bit of jogging i did and moving around hurts. it would.

my sister gave me a gift card and i bought we have always lived in the castle, which i read 8/10ths of in the book store at school and enjoyed but didn't love. now i love it. i think i needed peace to read it. i also got a gigantic calendar that is barely calendar and mostly prints of old pump novels and it's AMAZING. i wanted another art nouveau calendar, but i have these prints from the past year now to enjoy. i took my retro liquor ad one apart and am getting ready to erect my favorite prints. that i can do today, my bum ankle and i.

i think i have watched "last year at marienbad" five times since i got it. there is so much there.

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