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11:57 p.m. x 2010-01-06

currently listening to: "les champs-elysees" by joe dassin

rrgh. i have two twenty-dollar fines due to the school. the one is for printing and the other is check-out procedure. the latter i'm going to contest because the RA in my hall posted a notice that check out procedures were only necessary if we were NOT RETURNING in the spring. perhaps i read it wrong. or mary did something funny. if i was mistaken, it was honest. ugh.

fiction professor sent me the longest email i've ever recieved from him. he is usually a two-word kind of guy, but not only was this email half a page long, it was also all stuff i all ready know. it was conscientious of him. i am grateful that he seems to like me.

something he does that really infuriated mark is, when he happens upon a student with a particular area of expertise that he lacks and envies, he will do his best to affect it. that irritated the hell out of mark because when he had him, mark was obsessed with virginia woolf and prefers generally female writers, about which the fiction professor knows embarrassingly little. but he has since corrected this void in his knowledge and has been reading female authors more enthusiastically. this spurned mark to hear, and thus delighted me. i think that's a great facet for a great professor to have, and i think mark is best unthought-of.

i get my boots back from the cobbler tomorrow. i was supposed to get them yesterday but they were not done. i was also supposed to see lexi today and that did not happen either. both are supposed to go down tomorrow, which would be good, so she can see them! i'm really excited about them. and about having a good relationship with a cobbler and, now, a seamstress. the librarian at one of the schools where my mother works has started doing alterations for us and she is efficient and awesome. i have all of these skirts with drooping lace or ones i've grown out of any they far outnumber wearable skirts, which is unnecessary.

my typewriter, before it gets a new ribbon (i think i found a shop that sells them for one as old as he is), i'm utilizing him as a personal assistant. currently a borders coupon is sticking jauntily out of its carriage. i adore woody. he's a handsome devil. duff, whose father collects antique typewriters, says it likely will work fine considering how well they were made back then (early 1900s). if it was an electric one from the 80s, there would be no hope.

why not? -

profession: undergraduate in creative writing.
height: short short short. not as short as my roommate. i call her baby gap.
lucky number: anything with a '3' in it.
favorite scent: warm linen.
hobbies: writing, reading, walking, shunting objects around in search of a home
a city you'd like to visit: new york again, reykjavik, dubrovnik, st. petersburg, berlin, paris, budapest - when i was younger, i wanted to go to budapest like crazy
a country you'd like to explore: germany, maybe.
your favorite meal: hot naan with hummus, brie and blackberries.
dessert: anything with mangoes.
a book you highly recommend: ada or ardor by nabokov.
favorite band/artist: the dresden dolls. etc.
a film you could watch over and over: i've seen "gosford park" and "the third man" maybe five times each in the past two weeks. i rewatch films compulsively to examine the different ways that different things are achieved.
favorite time of the day: i have become very partial to the early morning. still, midnightish with company conquers.
favorite place to sit at home: my office! it isn't so much right now. even if i'm only here a short time, i'm going to have it remodelled for graduation and as soon as i get a job i am saving up for a new desk. for me, actually, it will just be a DESK. I HAVE NEVER HAD ONE OF MY OWN. this one is big and, for that, it is wonderful, but it isn't mine.
your transportation: the open road.
your perfume: confectionary scents.
something important on your night table: i don't use my night table as i should. it's across my room because my room is so small. utilitarian-ly speaking, my lamp is important, but so is the box that clare made me and the heart-shaped candle from kara.
when you sleep, you wear: various nightgowns.
if you had a safe, in it you would keep: cash.
things you like to buy: books and films. like crazy.
if you could afford it at this moment, you would buy: a new coat, a ticket to new york, a kitten and a desk. and a typewriter ribbon!
you collect: i don't like the concept of collecting things, but i will probably buy a nun figurine if i see one. i won't be able to help myself. i also love stuffed animals, but i consider "collections" to have a formal standard and i just love the hell out of mine.
you don't have a lot of: patience for certain things.
your strangest possession: my glass eggplant.
your most prized possessions: most everything i own. my stuffed cthulhu and woody are both pretty high up there. my laptop and my ipod. my grandfather's pocket watch.

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