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11:48 p.m. x 2010-01-07

currently listening to: "glory box" by portishead

i went out to dinner with akasha and lexi! and we watched "jennifer's body"! it was such a good time. we had white pizza and talked about clothes. i missed being girly with my best friends.

my shoes have returned from the cobbler wearable and wonderful, and they both oozed approval. i'm so happy. it was so nice to wear something today that wasn't gym clothing. and then it SNOWED! and lexi and i drove through it with it blowing right at us. we talked about getting cats, which we are both doing in the summer. we both want male ones, as our deceased ones were both boys. mine was sam and hers was daisy, because she got him when she was three. i love it. i'm still combing around for names. chambord? they can't all be alcohol-related. i really would rather not name it after a real person. maybe after a fake person. like quentin compson or chance hale.

i thought dorothy parker's complete poems came out this month, but it is march. it's probably always been march. i will be getting ready for finals and that will be distracting me. i can't wait! for cats and finals and dorothy parker. and for graduate school. i really hope i get in where i'd like to go. i really look forward to the teaching aspect, and i would very much enjoy teaching. i am in no big rush to go for a doctorate, though. at the university amanda attends, she calls all the grad students that teach her classes "master" such-and-such. the best one is "master justice." i would be very content to be a "master."

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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