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4:25 a.m. x 2010-01-10

currently listening to: "scabs on this year" by loch lomond

i am afraid for my sister. she is so alarmingly unhappy. she is regressing. she communicates through our dog (attributing all her likes and dislikes via the westie). it is creepy. she is about to turn twenty-one. she will graduate next year. she does not like the degree she will wind up with. she has 5x the debt that i have. but i am the "waste of money," i've thrown my education away on something impractical. i don't think she will leave home. i don't think she has the wherewithall to get by. she comes home from college weekly. she is so unhappy. she snaps at everyone.

it has altered my parents' perspective on me. i'm grateful for that. but i wish she wasn't experiencing this. she will be just like my dad. she will do exactly what she thought she should do in order to attain an ideal that doesn't exist. my dad is a very unhappy person and his decisions have warped him. i love him very much and it is painful.

meanwhile: I AM SO HAPPY TO BE RETURNING TO SCHOOL. i am really excited to read the odyssey. i have never experienced any homer.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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