i'm so hungry when i see a dishy boy in front of me, give me three square meals a day with boy as side-dish and entree

8:56 a.m. x 2010-01-22

currently listening to: "dishy" by candypants

this year's literary journal will be a strong one. everybody who submitted fiction-wise is excellent, and there are some distinctively stand-out poems. i'm so excited! after class i'm sending out all the submissions to my staff, and this week i'll have to rally them for a review. then heavy lifting begins.

meanwhile, painting professor continues to be unspeakable beautiful. i can't get over it. yesterday in class we reviewed the two paintings the rest of the class has completed and the one that i have. he had something reasonably thorough to say about each one, and had an in-depth critique of the higher-level crowd (painting is three classes concurrently, I, II & III). he turned to mine, then, which i thought he'd politely pass over, and said "this looks like an old master under painting." and later i heard one of the III-level students show my painting to somebody else as an example of what they should be doing! that was very touching.

jesus i like the professor so much. and he likes baseball! i badly want to ask him if he only likes to observe or if he likes to play. if so, i want to play baseball with him. my boss at the press, who adores him, would like me to find out thus if he is a pitcher or a catcher. at least he is attracted to women. i hope that i impress him.

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