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9:24 a.m. x 2010-01-27

currently listening to: "1054" by umbrella tree

the painting professor loves my painting! i have to finish one today and another tomorrow. i hadn't foreseen that, but i can swing it. he doesn't seem concerned.

he brought his dog in yesterday and he charged right for me! he's a very restrained but still enthusiastic german shepherd. the professor and i had a bunch of moments in which we both tried after each others' attention. i asked to use his laptop and he asked to use mine. i am smitten.

after class, he called mary aside to conference. i was standing with her. as i tried to leave them be, he went "wait, where are you going?" in a very sad voice, so i stayed. and he didn't need me at all! except for the occasional bit of eye contact as he was giving mary advice. my god. he is adorable. and he smells gorgeous.

i am now assembling a presentation on horace. after class, if not before, i need to continue to get some stuff done in the studio. mary said she and the professor have to meet again today and i might be called in again. i hope the dog is there!

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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