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7:27 p.m. x 2010-01-28

currently listening to: "andy warhol" by david bowie

i have been helping the painting professor fiddle with the projector for the past few classes. today, he figured it out and wanted to run it in another room. he asked me to help him carry the equipment and asked the rest of the class to wait while we set it up.

we talked about graduate school - he how he missed it, how it was to take a year off. i don't think he was quite convinced of my optimism with regards to the end of my undergraduate work. i made him laugh and his laugh is incredible - it's weirder than mine! and mine is strange! he told me about the variety of jobs he's had, and how he had the opportunity to run a motel before he graduated college. he talked quite a lot when we were alone, in fact.

during the lecture on the projector, we discussed jeff koons, who i've managed to remain ignorant about until now. he was discussing the "made in heaven" series, and when the professor said "sex with his wife," he looked right at me, and not again for a long time.

and the discussion was stimulating.

as he was explaining the next assignment to us, he brought out a piece of his own work from grad school, and i am still not over it. it was impossible to describe.

i can't get over it. i like him so much.

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