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11:05 a.m. x 2010-02-08

currently listening to: "chelsea" by agent ribbons

1. he let gretchen and i hang out in his office with his dog. i told him i think it's charming that they spoon. gretchen wants to breed him (the dog) - he did not ask how, only that we not let him see the offspring, or he will want them all.

2. i ran into him out in the world on friday at a gallery opening and he extended me a bottle of wine (when he saw me drinking boxed). he told me of going to india and probably other things that i cannot recall now not because of the wine but because i was so happy. i know i made him laugh (!!!!!!).

3. friended him on facebook. he friended me back!

i have to get it together this week:

- format advanced criticism info blurbs for HTML
- draft out trajectory of form & theory paper
- finish colored squares in painting
- email fiction professor regarding lit journal progress (we have the writing selected, art is all in and juried this week or next, editing's begun - he still does not know bill is on the staff!) or just TELL HIM


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