i can't stop falling out - i miss that stupid ache

10:16 a.m. x 2010-02-22

currently listenig to: "not about love" by fiona apple

bill had a concert on friday. we are definitely now best friends, we were all ready close - after he was finished playing he ran into my arms and said "i love you, i love you" and quoted "frisky dingo." he has a beautiful girlfriend, vanessa, whom i also adore, and it is really wonderful to have a siblingish love with someone, which i do not even have with my own siblings. bill is incredible. he was so nervous, which is absurd because he was phenomenal. he and vanessa, his sister and her boyfriend, and my obscure object of desire and i (check that arrangement out) went to the bar afterwards. it was too loud to speak and it was not tense but odd. bill was still thrown, vanessa wanted badly to be alone with him - i would, too, i remember that feeling - adrienne and her boyfriend were occupied (and adorable - i love them both), and my obscure object told a story about an ex-girlfriend. it was exciting to learn he's had one. i would have believed it if he told me he was a virgin.

saturday night, mary and i went to the movies. she saw some awful film and i saw "shutter island," which i was very caught up in in aspects (the soundtrack, location, tropes) and severely disappointed in in others (it could have really been about something, which is so rare and beautiful, but instead decides to be about a plot convention).

last night i did nothing i was supposed to, and the journal is due 100% on wednesday!

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