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6:29 p.m. x 2010-03-03

currently listening to: "lick" by queen adreena

i need to get some nice paper and make my own stationery.

i sent my resume out two more places, for an internship and a job. i have never been made more anxious by an online questionnaire in all my life - and i really don't care for them anyway. i am done with that for now. there is one more job i'll apply to tonight and otherwise FOCUS ON MY HOMEWORK. I HAVE SO MUCH HOMEWORK.

two study guides for classical, gigantic project for criticism, twenty page paper in form & theory plus another two page paper plus three books that need to be read, and paintingpaintingpainting. i am behind because i had to redo something all that time ago now i have not caught up i should be finished AAAH.

i am feeling the pressure, even though every facet of everything is so much better and brighter. my parents have both eased up, are proud and financially okay to help me. i have another editing job. i am writing. nothing has stopped me writing. i would, in fact, gargantuanly prefer writing to all this theory i am mired in - twenty pages of theory.

i wonder if my mom or dad would like to go to the one place i applied to just to graze the area. it's nearby but not local and the one time we drove past lately (we had a big dinner thing there over winter) it was magic. it isn't new england but it reminds me of it, and it's not far from one of my favorite cities i've ever been to. i'd be more than ecstatic there for a year!

all i can do is be positive. no matter what I AM GOING TO WRITE. i'm currently revising my favorite story for submission to a contest!

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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