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5:11 p.m. x 2010-03-04

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1. pain in my left eye.

2. perfect teeth (according to my dentist, who gave me minimal sass even prior to this discovery).

3. my dad took me out to breakfast this morning. he is very disinclined to conversation, but we will be talking and trilling along the tributaries of whatever topics one leads to another and suddenly we'll get into a big, heated discussion about something i'd never thought we'd both be interested in, such as film preservation, which we talked about all morning.

4. tisch has a master's program in film preservation and in art + public policy. both of those seem amazing. if money was not an option, i would get an mfa in creative writing, a masters of library science with a curatorial concentration, and both of those. i know many people with multiple master's degrees. if i have the time and the inclination, i don't see this as unreasonable. although i know what my priorities are (i'd also get certified in editing, publishing and web design).

5. the certificate in web design is a distinct possibility if every other plan is torn asunder by aubrey mcfate. no matter what there will be time to gain proficiency at a foreign language! russian and/or german (i have the materials for the former and access to classes on the latter).

6. i am supposed to be on the lookout for new frames. i've been desirous of new frames for over a year but none have matched the perfection of my present ones. hence. i'm not holding my breath, either.

7. disparate elements of overall concept of super paper aligning in the milky way of my mind. buhh. i enjoy knowing how to pronounce the name of helene cixous. elenn SISOOS, phonetically. that only took five years.

8. i bought a new lamp (white ceramic florid spooky childish) to scratch the itch of compulsive interior decorating. if i cannot embellish a space, it tends to go feral on me, and my "bedside table" (which resides across the room from my bed) has jaws. still. god. so mark my words - when i have an income and all standing matters of financial hullaballoo are leveled, i am getting me ONE OF THESE.

9. EEEEEE. i found a gorgeous looking job. if i got it...ohhhh. someone i'm not fond of will be searingly envious! that is not the only reason to go for it. it is a reason i am, but also it is gorgeous.

10. thing to do upon return to school: schedule reading of literary journal contributors. tonight i'm going to make a flyer. i will send a message out to the contributors i know (art and writing) and ask who'd be interested.

my flyer will be staggering.

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