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12:36 a.m. x 2010-03-06

currently listening to: "bank of boston beauty queen" by the dresden dolls

my gretchen got into texas state san marcos, where tim o'brien teaches. he is her favorite author. i can't believe it - i am so proud. i cried. i knew she could do it! she has had the worst time lately. this is unthinkably good. i'm so happy.

in that respect - i am also weary and worn and ready to inch out of present circumstance. also, i badly want to go to grad school. taking the year to do that is what will allow me to do that (i could not have done that now!). but this was inspiring. my best friend got into her first choice. i can't wait to hug her and have champagne.

i was checking out my chinese zodiac today. i am a fire bunny. unless we are talking vietnamese, in which case i'm a fire kitty: cozy, gregarious, lucky and stylish - i don't place stock in the zodiac, necessarily, but i am not one to shirk a positive adjective.

orson welles was also a fire bunny! AND we share a birthday. he and i are the exact same person. maybe i will marry someone as gorgeous as rita hayworth.

along those lines: lexi and i went out today and i bought gloves from the time bomb. they are pale violet, a very unusual glove-color. since i'm going to learn how to drive this summer, with a driving tutor and all, i figure driving gloves are necessary. maybe a funeral veil, too, and the repeated muttering of "en ra ha!" i'm pretty excited!

tomorrow i'm going to the noodle bar with manda in the afternoon, and then to the diner with amanda, lexi and akasha in the evening. in between, i'd like to watch "the passion of joan of arc" or "brand upon the brain!" with manda. i'm so anxious! and i still have oppressive amounts of work to do. geesh.

on the one hand i badly wish to know what i'm to be doing this summer/the rest of this year. on the other hand, my priority is to WRITE, which i can do no matter my job situation. and i'll be driving! so i can write in places that aren't home, anyway, which is beautiful. and even here, i have my wonderful office, which is only going to get exponentially more wonderful!

however, a space of my own and the means by which to sustain it would also be really great. if i had an apartment, i would put in it: a jug of red wine, a gigantic bookshelf or series of small ones, a tv and dvd player/vcr, bookbinding materials, my laptop, my beautiful mattress, a beautiful sofa, some exquisite vibes. i would light it by lamps and lamps alone. i need to get a lamp in my office - i can't stand overhead lighting!

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