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10:14 a.m. x 2010-03-18

currently listening to: "st. james infirmary blues" by cab calloway

tremendously disinclined to go to painting today. i'd rather go sit in the bookstore and write all afternoon. i have a presentation and i'm ready to give it (on audrey kawasaki, on tuesday i talked about mark ryden!) and i'd like to give it but i so want simply to write and clear my head. i am in a good place with the form & theory paper and i don't want to spoil it. i have another paper due tomorrow for classical on a book i haven't read. it's a small matter, four pages, but it is staring me in the face and i'd like it gone.

the one job i'd really really adore is still accepting application materials. the appointment begins 1 june, and there's nothing about when applicants will be notified or otherwise. rgh. it'd be so beautiful to get that and do that and have that year. that year and the following summer, perversely, to strategize and write and execute some special plans and have the means to do so and accomplish the kind of things that will get me into a good school, to show them i am serious since i don't believe much of my transcript will show that. it illustrates a positive shift, but i want to show these schools i am SERIOUS about WRITING and not desiring to run and hide in academia.

if i don't skip out on painting today, i will at least go downtown beforehand and get a sandwich. the ability to grocery shop is also something i pine for intensely with regards to being gainfully employed.

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