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1:50 a.m. x 2010-04-10

currently listening to: "mrs. jones" by hole

my tributary is breathtaking. it is beyond what i imagined. the publisher and everyone who has now seen twenty-odd years of tributaries says this is the best one produced yet. oh my god. i'm so happy.

it was so much fun and so much work. today i worked for the poetry professor for the last time today and it was a blast, just like the first time last year - listening to jazz and fawning over the cover art. this issue is my favorite and i am looking forward to reading it again.

the critical journal editor is in the hospital, so i am bombarded by his responsibilities. precious. this will be difficult. i have a painting to finish and another to begin, which needs a photograph taken as its source material. form & theory paper to forge ahead on. one last paper in classical. i should finish my critical website this weekend. it would not be too much. but i so want to rest.

this approaching friday night is the reading. i have to erect the flyers advertising it. i should make a checklist. after i shower and sleep. i am halfway through the art lover - so irresponsible, so awesome. i read the intro to the edition of rough magic i bought, which is newer than the one in the library here, and it gave me a spectacular quote for my paper. never breathe a word looks sooo seductive. dorothy parker completes me. i'm so happy to finally own copies of her poems!

the press cannot go to new york, but i am going in may! to the moma, the new york public library, the strand bookstore! the press IS going to AWP in DC next year - and i am still on staff! since layout editing and design responsibilities are electronic in nature anyhow. so i can continue to do these wonderful things. i'm so excited!

and in mad need of rest.

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