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10:14 a.m. x 2010-04-23

currently listening to "do you swear to tell the truth..." by amanda palmer

finishing classical paper. it is due in two hours.

i got an email from my fiction professor. i turned in my form & theory superpaper yesterday. i recieved the second A+ he has ever given to one of those, and he told me i should split it up and send out the sociological investigation and the critical analysis of marienbad to periodicals! that is exciting. his support means a lot from me. i got the email after taking a long nap and then gretchen staggered over wasted and gave me wine. so last night i drank red wine and listened to the bell jar audiobook and tried to finish this classical paper. i have hit four pages. it only has to be four, really.

things that require that i have a job: kim boekbinder's new album "impossible girl," evelyn evelyn's debut, "vivre sa vie," pim & francie: the golden bear years by al columbia, colorado and washington.

i have been falling madly and miserably in love with al columbia for the past few days. i tacked up a picture of his on my bulletin board at the beginning of the year of a hallway - it is a beautiful hallway - but that was all thatw as featured in that magazine. the new issue of "hi fructose" has a whole spread about him and it possessed me. i had the worst nightmare i've ever had - i've never worken up screaming before - after looking intensely at his work. i'm in love. i'm in love.

off to my last college class! then attempting to obtain "nobody's daughter" by whatever means available to me.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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