that loosener of limbs

2:04 p.m. x 2010-05-01

currently listening to: "wooden spoon" by zoe boekbinder

home. i moved all my books back into the house. a great deal of them surround me in my office now. the rest are on the shelving unit in my room. at least by christmas i'll have a hutch so i can see them all in front of me, so as i'm working, should i need one, i can easily reach out for it without having to manipulate a stack of them.

i'm going to get dressed and read theodore roethke and maybe apply for a job. tonight i'm downloading "nobody's daughter" and passing out to "twin peaks" again like i did last night.

this desk is now completely mine. my parents cleaned it out. all my pencils and pens have a home now. i used to keep them all in a bag in my room. this is very nice. my office has a window right in front of me, a hook rack and a stool for the phone, a ridiculous amount of outlets for such a small space, and - presently - my keyboard. the desk occupies the most space. it is a grand beast. i need a new chair, though. i'll be working on that.

i am getting the big book of who killed amanda palmer from my aunt for my birthday and pim & francie from my mother. that i know of. my birthday is so soon, geez.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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