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2:25 a.m. x 2010-05-14

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making headway on don quixote, writing, cleaning, getting ready to start work!

in july, i suppose, i can register to take the GREs in october. then i get the scores in november. technically i can get all that done before sending off all my application materials. but i think i'll be fine. i want to really impress with that business.

lexi and i went out tonight! she showed me an obscenely cheap apartment which is so so so tempting. we want to take ballet together in the fall. i would love to take that and yoga. just take a bunch of gym credits. at lycoming you could take fencing but not yoga. i am also definitely taking shakespeare. both of those are on mondays, which would be easy, so i would just take mondays off. but if i took yoga and shakespeare it would perhaps be easier to take a full semester's worth of credits. i'd take german, banned books and a web design class, if that were the case. i'll have to see. i'll only take german if the next level is offered in the spring. otherwise i'll just invest in software. i ought to be minding my russian anyway. shakespeare no matter what.

and then grad school.

and new york in june! and that is only two weeks away!!! we are figuring out when precisely we'll go. taschen. the strand. nypl (that looks horribly, phoenetically like nipple). columbia. i'm also tripping out to providence and state college before the end of the summer! that will be beautiful.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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