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10:21 p.m. x 2010-05-15

currently listening to: "happy for you" by the ingenues

finally having a little money, i can slowly start to accumulate all the music my favorite bands have put out in the past year.

today my mom and i went to chipotle. i was supposed to spend my gift card, but she paid. i need to make lime cilantro rice. i could just eat that and black beans. ad infinitum. last night i bought "that obscure object of desire" and renewed my barnes & noble membership and today i bought "wings of desire" and used a borders gift card! i LOVE GETTING FILMS AGAIN. i couldn't even get, i think, more than two for christmas. now i can probably get one a month. they are important to me. i don't really enjoy buying clothes at all. i like to get one or two nice things that really look attractive on me and add them to the ten or so that i own, and cycle out ones i'm tired of and so on. that's fine. but movies and books are perfect investments for me because i never get tired of them and i can read/watch them again and again.

everyone i know now - i really can't think of anybody who doesn't - has netflix except me. part of it is because i really enjoyed going to blockbuster every week in the summer. that was how i got to enjoy film so much. the one here used to have so much old, weird, fantastic stuff. when vhs was discontinued it took me ages to find certain titles.

tomorrow i need to get organizers for my books. it's chaos in here (my office).

speaking of which - my mother wants to get me an ebook reader for grad school so that i won't have to lug thousands of books around when i study. i think that's a practical use for one but i don't know. i'd get the nook, i think, if i got any of them. the kindle is a beast.

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