regarding the pain of others

7:49 p.m. x 2010-05-30

currently listening to: "naked ruby" by ruby throat

the work facet of work was, again, today, not bad, i was completely busy the entire time and the manager was very, very polite and conscientious and fun. but the girl i was plugged in with was a MONSTER who really alienated customers and gave me no direction. i had to ask her thousands of torterous questions because her requests were always vague and huffy and often involved things i'd never done before or am not certified to do. she blew up neatly and left before her shift was over and i told the manager how she treated the customers (which was regarding a complaint about something that i actually did [and did right!]). i was very grateful that he listened to how the scene made me feel and thanked me for handling it the way i did. he could have easily just brushed it off, thus germinating more bitchy antics from all the children that work there. i'm glad that shit doesn't get by. i like to be around pleasant people when i patronize restaurants but i DEMAND CONGENIALITY when i have to fucking be right next to someone for hours at a time. i can't imagine any of those girls go to work hoping everybody's going to be a bitch that day.

tomorrow, i resume my campaign of job applications. tonight i'm going to watch "caravaggio" again. manda got it for me for my birthday and it's stunning!

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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