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3:20 p.m. x 2010-06-01

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oh, i can't even admit that i've been in a "bad romance" k-hole for the past two days. terrible scene.

new york three weeks from today! i bought something online to wear. it is tremendous. i was feeling disconsolate enough to search "sylvia plath" on etsy and came up with thisssss.

i am on the last act of defiance and tonight i'm sending my newly completed short story to gretchen for her expert eye! i got all my checks into my bank account. i should be getting paid soon. as i get into the swing of getting cash on a routine basis, i'm establishing a budget. there will be the cannes fund, for which i must get a savings account. and i'll get one book a week (or every other) and one film a month (as long as there is something i desire that month).

also i've been informed by mohring that AWP 2011 is a big sexy GO and i'm to find a good apron onto which a 7k cover must be transferred. so saving for that, too. luckily i'll be supplementing my income with all kinds of things, none of which are selling drugs. my mom likes to joke, though.

i am going to clean up the beginning of this story before it disembarks and i go deliver enviable customer service to cafe patrons.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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