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12:50 a.m. x 2010-06-14

currently listening to: "i'm gonna make it better" by she & him

my interview is tomorrow. it is the next thing i do. i shiver with antici -

work today was ajangle with a new stressor: three managers milling around at once, all of whom were telling me different things about what i was doing. i was very happy to be doing what i was doing, too, which was making sandwiches that weren't being ordered, but to stockpile for the morning and afternoon. very rote, relaxing, solitary work, the enjoyment of which was pulled apart by the various people bickering and commenting. the sandwiches were made. it is an exasperating thing to see a group of adults squabbling over chicken. after that i went home and slept until ten or so. my dad and brother are back from norway. i watched the season premiere of "true blood" and i hope i can get back to sleep now so tomorrow will come SWIFTLY!

- pation.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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