12:09 a.m. x 2010-07-06

currently listening to: "goodbye horses" by q lazzarus

i went to amanda's saturday and spent the night. she, her fiance trevor and i hung out in her pool and swam up a storm, then trevor and i watched "the omen," "house of the devil" and "benny's video" on netflix while amanda slumbered between us. i am so happy they're getting married, and that i've finally seen "benny's video" - it was a joy. i love haneke!

the next day i hung out with manda. susan. i should start to call her susan with conviction, since that's how she wants to be known. then lexi, and we watched "blue velvet," which she had not yet seen. now she needs to see "eraserhead." she and i went to amanda's again to swim and watched all kinds of food network programming, including an episode of "iron chef america" full of uni (sea urchins). kara just came over and we watched an episode of "mad men" since she has not seen that. despite how i am still bitter and upset over scifi's decision to pull "the twilight zone" marathon from my fourth of july experience, spending time with my best friends was irreplacably badass.

now i am working on my novella again. i know how it will end!

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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