i think affaires that you must keep liaisonic are better bets

7:41 p.m. x 2010-07-11

currently listening to: "diamonds are a girl's best friend" by marilyn monroe

i guess i didn't mention in here that the last bookstore where i was interviewed hired me! i'm agog. so i've got two jobs to coordinate. i go to the one wednesday and the other thursday to figure out what's the what.

my mom took me out to dinner to celebrate last night and afterwards we bought fresh mangoes. we just went grocery shopping and now our house is stocked. she had to take me out last night regardless because there was absolutely no food in the house. it never quite gets as bad as it used to but now there is no chance, with me working and about to get my license!

should i get a chance at some frivolous spending (that is not books/films/saving toward leaving), i'd like a little night table to wedge in here (office) upon which there might live an oscillating fan. it gets piping in here if i close the door and i sometimes need to. shelving, too. i can hook up my printer and sometimes open the window!

i'm so happy about getting that job. those jobs! both jobs! holy shit! i feel like the double rainbow guy!

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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