rah rah ah ah ah

12:35 a.m. x 2010-07-13

currently listening to: "taste you" by melissa auf der maur

my whole body's knotted in glee. i want to start work NOW.


i finished the draft of my novella! i'm editing now. preening and fluffing and adjusting the light.

i am so irritated that i had to re-purchase one of my favorite books: ariel levy's female chauvinist pigs. i did not bring it to school with me so i used the library copy and i wound up using it again and again for so many papers but when i went home i realized it had been sold, my copy, in the great exodus of all my belongings last summer. i do not sell many things and i do not sell anything i still want, usually, but i had no money at all then and i do now. so that i bought back and must still re-acquire the beauty myth. i need to buy (i have not owned) simone de beauvoir's the second sex and judith butler's gender trouble and abigail child's this is called moving. so i can get down to recherche sérieuse.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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