i feel so damn inexorable

5:42 p.m. x 2010-07-14

currently listening to: "inexorable" by zoe boekbinder

i don't know what to do about my jobs. i don't think i can have both. i never planned to get two, it just happened. i applied to the lingerie one and got two interviews and they said "we'll call you, but for some reason if we don't call you, call us." so i waited and they did not, then my mother flipped out and made me call and they said, yes, you work for us, surprise! which was great. then the NEXT DAY the workplace of the job i COVETED called and said "you have it!" and they never toyed with me over trying to get in touch with them or anything. but my parents would not let me back out of the lingerie job. weird. i went to do my paperwork there today and alerted them, hey, i have another job now, and they were bewildered and inflexible about my availability. tomorrow i go to the bookstore and their attitude will determine my course of action.

two jobs, twice the money - that is gret. but i don't need mountains of cash. mountains of cash would be fabulous, but at the moment, if i cannot possibly coordinate two jobs, i just want one i like and can do and then go write and read and sleep when i'm not there. the establishment wherein i'd be soliciting lingerie schedules weekly and i believe the bookstore does so biweekly (i have no idea) so maybe that helps. i don't know. they both want nights and weekends, for which i can't fault them. if i only have one job, that is one more job than i had before! geez!

i cannot wait to get novella to the point where he can trot off to my editor because under me he is impetuous. we've been alone together too long.

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