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1:30 a.m. x 2010-07-24

currently listening to: "straight" by amanda palmer

no work today. i felt achey and sleepy the whole day, though. my mom went to new york but didn't get to do anything and then came back when i was overcome with dull, persistent pain on the couch watching "the sopranos" - or tolerating its presence, as i couldn't engage it - and she gave me this nice big sweeping summation of my accomplishments since graduating (sincerely!) and a run down of what i now have to look forward to. that was very nice.

i have another friend now looking at the novella! crazy.

kara came by with maybe a new boyfriend, and as per tradition i made them food. smoothies. and afterwards i looked around and thought about all the amazing things kara has gotten me since we've been friends. after "metropolis" i'm going to buy her something. maybe. i don't know what yet. i feel like nothing could match the hitchcock poster she got me.


i bought my first employee-discounted purchase yesterday: rilke's selected poems (stephen mitchell's translation). the cashier tucked my reciept randomly into it and i sat down and opened there to the second duino elegy and i fell right and fast into furious looove. i have two volumes of rilke's prose but none of his poetry! i'm glad that's no longer the case.

"mad men" resumes its curious grip on my faculties this weekend. i work sunday but it will be waiting for me when i get home!

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